Simple, fair pricing.

In case you would like to become a long term subscriber please get in touch with us, so we can build your custom subscription based on your needs​
Day pass
25 lv. / day

per seat
VAT included

High-speed Wi-Fi​

Access to all areas

Complimentary Refreshments​

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Prepaid plan
260 lv.

30 visits per indiviudal
VAT included

High-speed Wi-Fi

Access to all areas

Complimentary Refreshments

24/7 access and availability

Nestwork Voucher - 100 lv. *

Discount points**

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Monthly Plan
260 lv. / mo

per seat
VAT included

High-speed Wi-Fi

Access to all areas

Complimentary Refreshments

24/7 access and availability

Nestwork Voucher - 120 lv.*

Discount points**

Recurring voucher each month

Can be paused

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Business grade quality for all plans.

Becoming a Nestwork member brings lots of great amenities
that aim to increase your working experience.

Top location in Bansko

We are situated in the middle of Bansko in the newest and most modern business center.

Lockers and mail

Pick you locker where you can store your personal belongings and receive your mail.

Blazing fast internet

We aim to provide 100% connectivity to our users. In case of something goes wrong we always have a backup.

Members directory

Sometimes its easier to describe what you are doing in few sentences in order to better connect with other people.

Free coffee and tea

We don’t want to brag about our coffee, but it is really good. Come and try it, it’s on us.

Smart access system

Just like your home, here you can also have 24/7 access.
(*Fee may apply)


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I try before I join?

Absolutely. We offer daily pass that will allow you to access all common areas. If you want something different, feel free to contact us. 

How do I access the office?

The access to the office is managed by state of the art control system. 

Can I pause my membership while not in town?

Yes. Please contact us to arrange it. 

Do you offer 24/7 access?

Yes, we do offer 24/7 access for a small monthly fee.

How do I earn discount points?

Discount points are being given once your order is completed. You can use your points to discount your future orders. Points are active for 1 year.

May I bring friend?

Yes, your friend will get a free day trial. After that fees will apply. If he continues to visit the coworking spaces.

What does my invoice include?

Monthly invoices include, your membership fee, including any if purchased any of the additional services that we offer. 

What payment methods do you offer?

We aim to provide flexiblity and simplicity to our members. Once registered you may select your preferable payment method on the checkout page, after selecting a plan above.

Do you offer fixed desk?

Yes we offer fixed desks. Please contact us for more information. Limited availability*

How do I get a Nestwork Voucher?

Unique Nestwork voucher is sent once your order is complete. The voucher can be used for in-house services. (booking / lockers / others). The voucher for prepaid plan does not reset each month. The voucher for the recuring payment is resetting each month/s.

Important notice

  1. The prepaid plan is available for 3 months. 
  2. The 30 visits must be used within 3 months period.
  3. This membership cannot be paused and resumed. So make sure you plan your visits properly. 
  4. The 100 leva voucher will be credited to your account once the order is complete.
  5. Voucher is not recurring. 
  6. You may send the voucher during checkout to other nestwork member.
  7. You need to report your visits manually.

Please select an option

Recurring payment

Best option if you hate formalities. This way you don't have to worry about your monthly payment. The system will automatically charge you each month.

One time payment

You will need to manually track and check your membership, you will also need to manually create an order each month. Your access might be suspended in case of late payment.