Cultural Evenings Traditions & Art exhibitions

Community center Nikola Vaptsarov ul. "Tsar Simeon" 57В, Bansko

Demonstrations and folklore performance. From June 28 to September 24, the Tourist Information Center will become a kind of forum of Bansko culture. Residents and guests of Bansko will have the opportunity to participate in organized demonstrations and learn forgotten crafts and skills, they will listen to authentic folk music. Many local authors will present […]

Pirin Rock Evenings

Nestwork Coworking Techno Office Tsar Simeon 52, Bansko, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

For the fourth year in a row, rock music will conquer Bansko on two consecutive days. On July 19 and 20, the summer festival capital of Bulgaria will become a center of attraction for thousands of rock music fans. The bands "Soda Acoustic", "TOMA", "Sweet Poison", and "ERIDAN" will play, and the world-famous rock star […]

Summer cinema under the stars

Central Square Nikola Vaptsarov Nikola Vaptsarov sq, Bansko

The 15th edition of 'Summer Filmomania under the Stars' will be held at Nikola Vaptsarov Square, featuring some of the best films from the Bansko Film Fest program. All guests of Bansko will receive a cinematic treat under the stars and experience the best of the world's extreme and mountain cinema.

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