Discovering Community and Success at Nestwork Coworking

Discovering Community and Success at Nestwork Coworking

In the heart of Bansko, amidst the breathtaking views of the mountains, lies Nestwork Coworking – a haven for professionals seeking not just a workspace, but a thriving community. Here, amidst the openness, light, and serenity, minds declutter and focus flourishes.


Dorothea EUE, freelancer

Dorothea says that she found more than just a workspace at Nestwork. For her, it’s a sanctuary where she can concentrate and find unexpected friendships. “Openness, light, serenity, and cleanliness is where my mind declutters, and I can concentrate. Nestwork is that space for me,” she shares warmly. “And, something unexpected happened in this cooperative cool business atmosphere, not only do I find an inspiring exchange of expertise, but also friends for life. Nest is the best!


Anton Ruzhekov, Co-owner at Camplight

Anton echoes this sentiment. What began as a journey from shared coworking space to a private office within Nestwork transformed his work-life balance. “Unparalleled experience and an absolute game changer in my work-life balance,” he enthuses. “It’s more than just a coworking space, it’s a community that drives success!

Maria Krasteva, Business Administration Manager at Heimaleiga

And then there’s Maria, whose journey led her from Bulgaria to Iceland and finally to Nestwork in Bansko. “After many years working in a home office from different parts of Bulgaria and Iceland, we ended up with the decision to open our office in Bansko,” she explains. “The crazy idea was related to a few unsuccessful visits until the destiny met us with Nestwork Cooworking. They supported us in every step of our endevour, and made our idea become real. From documentation, communication to finally getting the perfect office space we need it. Being occupied and overloaded, meeting such professional and devoted people was what we were looking for. They made it smooth and easy by providing fully furnished, decorated and equipped office for our contantly growing team. We continue this adventure together with the best cooworking company in Bansko.”

From freelancers finding unexpected friendships to businesses finding their perfect space, Nestwork Coworking continues to be a beacon of support, community, and success in Bansko. Thank you to our incredible members for sharing their stories of growth and collaboration!

Feeling inspired by these incredible journeys? Ready to experience the magic of Nestwork Coworking for yourself? Click here to explore our membership plans or sign up for a free trial today. Let’s embark on your own journey to success, together!


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