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Unlock Your Potential in our Private Offices

Discover the perfect space for individuals, small teams, and companies at Nestwork Premium Coworking. Our twelve available private offices are meticulously designed to accommodate anywhere between 1 and 10 people. Whether you're a freelancer, a growing start-up, or an established business, our high-class offices provide the perfect sanctuary for you to thrive, unleash your creativity, and achieve new heights of success.


We believe that the best work happens when you're surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passions and values. Our coworking space is designed to foster a strong sense of community among our members, with regular events, social activities, and opportunities for collaboration.


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by working together and sharing our expertise, we can achieve more than we ever could on our own. Our coworking space provides a collaborative environment where our members can connect with each other, share ideas, and work together to achieve their goals.


We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout our coworking space. From using eco-friendly cleaning products to sourcing local and organic foods, we're always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable workplace.


Our coworking space is designed to support the growth and development of our members. Whether you're a freelancer just starting out or an established business owner looking to expand your network, we provide the resources and support you need to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

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Important notice

  1. The prepaid plan is available for 3 months. 
  2. The 30 visits must be used within 3 months period.
  3. This membership cannot be paused and resumed. So make sure you plan your visits properly. 
  4. The network voucher will be credited to your account once the order is complete.
  5. The Voucher is not recurring. 
  6. You need to activate your day of visits in your Nestwork Profile before you enter the coworking.
  7. You cannot send packages to the office when you are signed up for this membership. Sending packages might result additional fees. 
  8. You can use the visits only for week days